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Easy & Homemade Raw Meat Dog Food Recipes

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Raw meat diets are considered by some very good for dogs. Despite the different feeding options one can choose from, many prefer serving raw food to their dogs instead of the cooked one. If you think a bit, serving raw food to your dog is less time consuming and it can be more appropriate for the dog, helping it having a shinier coat, cleaner and stronger teeth and more energy. One can choose to buy raw food for his/ her dog, or to prepare it in his/ her home. Just like in the case of the food that humans consume, the homemade dog food recipes are healthier than those one can buy from the pet shop.

Advantages of Homemade Raw Food Recipes

One of the advantages of preparing your dog’s food at home is that you can try out different recipes and add or exclude ingredients, according to raw food recipes for dogsyour dog’s preferences. Even if you won’t know from the start what your dog prefers, you can experiment different combinations until finding the perfect one for them. Even if they are not necessarily recommended by veterinarians, homemade raw meat dog food recipes are very common nowadays.

Those that serve raw food to their dogs have noticed that due to its higher moisture content, the dogs do not feel the need to drink as much water as when eating dry or cooked food. Also, if it happens for your dog to get too excited and throw up you will notice that it will throw water with some food substance instead of foam or bile. To avoid that from happening, you should start learning about how to cook your dog raw meat food recipes.

Simple Homemade Raw Chicken Recipe

For example, one simple recipe could be the following:

Take quarter cup of yogurt, quarter or half cup of chopped veggies (you can choose from apples, carrots, broccoli, peas or other veggies that you have at hand) and some meat, preferably a chicken leg with bone, and mix them. You will be surprised how tasty this will be to your dog. If you want you can replace the meat with beef meat but in this case the recipe will have to be without the bone. Chicken bones are softer than beef ones and unlike the latter they are preferred when it comes to raw serving.raw meatRaw beef Recipe for A Springer:

SpringerOr, if you have a springer and you want to please it, you could try the following recipe: two cups of raw chicken or beef (you must ground it so that it can mix with the other ingredients and permit the savors to blend), one cup of organ meat (which you can find at almost all grocery stores) and one cup of fruits or vegetables. You first mix the organ meat with the vegetables or fruits (you can also put both vegetables and fruits but this will be more risky and your dog might not like the combination), and then you add the already grounded meat. If you want you can add an egg so that the whole mixture is more consistent.

Try feeding your dog one of these raw meat dog food recipes and I am sure it will definite like at least one of them if not both.

Homemade Dog Food Recipes


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